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Reaching Up

Posted by Janet Brocklehurst Posted on Oct 16 2020

October.  How did we get here?  Everyone I talk with seems overwhelmed that we suddenly find ourselves immersed in October after months of isolation and disruption to our routines. 

I’ve spent this year watching everyone try to navigate.  Family, friends, clients, myself… all trying to position themselves as best they can… all struggling with the public discord… all trying to maintain a sense of normal… all striving to maintain positivity and joy in their lives.  It ebbs and flows.  Some do better than others.

I find that at their core, most people want what’s best for their neighbors and communities.  And its on these bright, crisp, sunny fall days that we can reconnect with our true selves and feel our spirits open up and soar a little.  There’s nothing like fresh air and sunshine to renew the spirit.

The spirit of communities working together is the force that draws me to working with nonprofits.  These organizations work to help lift others up through education, assistance, performing arts – the missions are boundless.  The fall has historically been a big kickoff for many of these organizations.  With events going virtual this year, many of us miss the opportunity to connect with them in ways that we used to.  Please join me in supporting your local nonprofits this season in whatever way you can.  Share your events with others.  Let people see your connection with the community and encourage the endeavors of others.

And get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Welcome to Our Blog!

Posted by Admin Posted on Feb 20 2015
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